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Future Audio Workshop Circle 2 Vector Phase-shaping Synthesizer Plug-in Virtual

Future Audio Workshop Circle 2 Vector Phase-shaping Synthesizer Plug-in Virtual - Plug-ins: Virtual Instruments - Future Audio Workshop's Circle 2 synthesizer plug-in uses a unique sound engine called Vector Phase Shaping, and it's capable of a wide range of sounds from bass and leads to evolving pads and atmospheric effects. The first thing we noticed at Sweetwater is that the interface is simple and clearly defined - the perfect starting point for breaking away from presets and programming your own synth patches for house, electro, hardcore, and other electronic music styles. With four oscillator slots, two envelopes, two LFOs, plus built-in sequencer and effects, there's a lot of sound design potential in the Future Audio Workshop Circle 2 plug-in.Color-coded modulation system makes complex sounds easy to achieveTo modulate parameters in Circle 2 to create animated, complex sounds, simply click and drag one of the color-coded circles to the parameter you'd like to modulate. Hovering the color-coded circle over a parameter allows you to preview the effect of the modulation. It's faster and simpler than using a traditional modulation matrix, and the range of possible modulations is staggering.Future Audio Workshop Circle 2 Synthesizer Plug-in Features: Synthesizer plug-in with unique Vector Phase Shaping sound engine. 4 oscillator slots with Sine, Saw, Square, and Triangle waveforms. Mouth filter for vocal-like sweeps and effects, plus a traditional filter module with 6 filter types. Built-in sequencer for creating modulation sequences. Built-in effects with 3 slots for delay, reverb, and more. Extensive modulation system for creating highly animated sounds. Capable of a wide range of sounds, from straightforward leads and bass to complex, evolving pads and effects. Extensive sound design capabilities await in the Future Audio Workshop Circle 2 synth plug-in! Virtual Instruments: Synths, Keyboards, & Organs

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