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EcoQube C Starter Bundle - 1-001-999

EcoQube C Starter Bundle - 1-001-999 - Dimensions: 7.8W x 7.8D x 7.8H in.Aquaponics filter integrated into tank uses plants to keep aquarium cleanSturdy acrylic constructionFull spectrum customizable LED lightsIncludes LED remote controlFeatures automatic timing functionEasy to set up and maintainEnergy efficient and eco-friendly designWide range voltage power supply can operate in any country. With its integrated aquaponics filter the EcoQube C Starter Bundle is an all-in-one system that utilizes plants like basil or mint to keep your aquarium clean. This EcoQube features a low maintenance design that's energy efficient and offers a silent and eco-friendly filtration system. The full-spectrum LED lights are easily customizable with the included remote control. Place the EcoQube C on your desk in your cubicle or in your home for a refreshing natural accent.

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