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Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB

Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB - Signal Processing & 500 Series - Black Lion's Flagship ClockThe Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB is an ultra-tweaked version of the company's popular Micro Clock MKIII master clock. Through painstaking engineering, Black Lion reduced the jitter by two-thirds and spec'd their flagship clock with super-accurate crystal oscillators and high-caliber galvanic isolation, both of which contribute to the exemplary jitter performance. The Micro Clock MKIII XB's compact footprint and ability to drive up to 1,000 feet of coax make it an ideal solution not only for improving the conversion quality of an audio interface, but also for re-clocking digital consoles at live events or in houses of worship and as a master word clock in large post-production and broadcast facilities. The Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB can sync all of your digital gear, even if it’s located in different rooms — or in different buildings.Look Ma, no jitterFlaunting a vanishingly low 0.6 picoseconds of jitter at its BNC outputs, the Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB punches above its price range. Jitter can introduce phase discrepancies and distortion into your digital signals, resulting in harshness and blurring, especially in the high frequencies. That's a prime reason Sweetwater engineers are so picky about the clocking we use in our studios. With the Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB, jitter becomes a nonissue.About Black LionFounded in Chicago in 2006, Black Lion Audio has made their mark on the audio industry by hot rodding audio equipment and upgrading the sound quality of popular music production gear, elevating industry-standard products to new levels of sonic quality. Though they started off modding gear from other manufacturers, they've utilized their cumulative expertise to design their own line of boutique mic preamps and word clocks. BLA gear and modded gear can be found in studios from LA to New York to Nashville and heard on projects from artists like Maroon 5, Alison Krauss, Metallica, T-Pain, George Strait, MGMT, Beyonce, George Duke, Slayer, Erykah Badu, Rod Stewart, and more.Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB Features:. Ultra-low 0.6 ps RMS jitter, harmonically enhanced word clock signal generation. 8 selectable sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, and 384. Locking frequency selection knob; dimmable LED frequency display. 6 BNC outputs with dedicated output drivers for optimal isolation. AES output; S/PDIF optical and coaxial outputs. Half-rack chassis; rack ears included. Synchronizers

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