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Samson Expedition XP106wDE Portable PA System

Samson Expedition XP106wDE Portable PA System - PA Systems & Speakers - Portable, All-in-One Wireless PA SystemSamson's Expedition XP106wDE portable PA system combines battery-powered convenience with wireless freedom, making it the perfect grab-and-go PA for any occasion. This lightweight, compact system is ideal for coffee shop gigs, delivering a speech in a small venue, or turning your living room into a karaoke party. It packs a healthy 100 watts driving a 6 speaker and boasts a battery life of 20 continuous, rechargeable hours — a feature we here at Sweetwater were really impressed with. This package also comes with the XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless System with beltpack transmitter and headset microphone that gives you an impressive 100' of operating range.Stage XPD1 USB digital wireless system includedThe Expedition XP106wDE takes the freedom of battery-powered operation and sweetens the deal with Samson's Stage XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless Microphone system. This wireless headset microphone sounds great and is a breeze to set up — just plug the USB receiver into the back of the XP106wDE, put your headset on, turn on the transmitter, and you're ready to go. You'll also love the comfort of the low-profile DE5 Double-Ear Headset Microphone.4-channel mixer comes Bluetooth-readyThis portable, easy-to-use system also features a built-in 4-channel mixer with multiple input options and separate level controls. There's a Bluetooth connectivity channel, so you can get wireless playback from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Other channels let you easily add a vocalist or guitarist, stereo devices such as MP3 players, and even keyboards. There's also a line output that allows you to combine multiple systems together, giving you all kinds of sound expansion possibilities.Samson Expedition XP106wDE Portable PA System Features:. A lightweight (16lb), go-anywhere, all-in-one wireless PA system. 2-way speaker enclosure includes a 6 woofer and a 1 high-frequency driver for excellent full-range sound. Class D amplifier produces 100 watts of power to provide more than enough volume for a modest venue. Rechargeable battery (with LED level indicator) offers up to 20 hours of continuous use. 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth connectivity lets you wirelessly stream music. Music/Speech switch for optimizing output EQ for speech or music playback. Analog inputs accommodate a microphone, an instrument, and other auxiliary sources. USB Wireless port for use with Samson's Stage XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless Microphone System (included). Line output lets you cascade multiple systems together. Integrated carry handle and 1-3/8 speaker stand mount provide added conveniences. Portable PA Systems

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